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Not Only about looking Good April 10, 2013 in Training by Edwin Chew

What is the main reason that you are training hard now?images

  • I want to do well for my sports.
  • I want to be healthy.
  • I want to complete the marathon, Ironman.
  • I want to be Strong.

What about I want to look good?

Face the fact, a majority of you who train wants to look good. This is not an issue; in fact it is a great motivation factor to train hard.

However there is a concern and hopefully this article can bring an attention to it.

I have been training a swimmer in a local school for the past few months. Every day this well equip gym is packed with “want to look good students”. Because I looked older (only a little) than most of them, they knew that I am trainer and often ask me for some fitness tips.

The conversations have always been fun and interesting. I am glad to see students training hard. But there is a situation and it is bad.

Students (age 12- 18) have been training so hard (not the right way) to look good and are somehow giving them health issues.

Student AimagesCALKEXM7

This guy does bench press every time I see him and I know it is not of coincidence. From his walking and standing posture, you knew he has a problem. True enough, when I put him on a wall slide test, he can barely hold in that position for 2 seconds. He has not done a back row exercise for months. His has a very tight chest muscle and needs to improve on his push/ pull training ratio.

Student B

This student load up impressive weights for the back Squats but sadly he can only perform less than parallel squats. While attempting a bodyweight full squat, his body lean way forward and had difficulty staying on his heels. Rather than loading the back squat weights, he needs to improve his mobility and flexibility.

From the above 2 students, you can see they have health issues that need to be solve. But due to unawareness, they engaged themselves into a certain training programme that might worsen their problems. That is a reason why I strongly believe a fitness assessment is very important.

On the first meeting with my new client, I will put him/ her to a fitness assessment test. From the result of the assessment, a training programme will be planned to improve on the weakness.2

One point to take note, no matter what fitness goal you are training for, before you start committing into a training programme; make sure you have a fitness assessment done.

This process ensures not only a good looking body but also a healthy one.