Ivan Ng (Singapore Softball Team Captain, Sea Games2015 Bronze Medalist)

Ivan 2

Having trained under Edwin in my last SEA Games in 2011, I knew that I had to engage him again in order to better my game. A few of us from the Softball team decided to embark on a 1-year gym program.


He is a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who has helped everyone to improve our strength and stamina. The exercises were designed specific to Softball, with a strong emphasis on our abdominal core strength and the “explosiveness” that is required in our game. Edwin also took the time to know the different roles/positions played by us so as to understand how to improve our forms.


He always looks out for us, reminding us throughout the sessions the important stretches during warm up, to hydrate and rest between sets and checks with us our diet plan for the week. His preparation is evident while often checking our upcoming training schedules and intensity on the field, so as to keep the gym sessions at a good pace. I believe that this paid off well because, apart from getting stronger every session, I was one of the few players who remained injury-free. This was important as injuries hamper an athletes training progress and I am thankful for his comprehensive program, which also enabled me to maintain my form during the softball training sessions and hit the peak at the SEA Games 2015.



As a friend in the gym, Edwin would be there to look after your welfare and checks in with you on your training progress on the field. He would share a tip or two on the good cafes and share with us his favourite “cheat-day” burger place. As a trainer in the gym, Edwin will ensure that you understand the key benefits and proper form for all the exercises. He tracks your weekly progress, so you will know how much you have strengthened. He builds your confidence by doing so. In fact, he motivates you to motivate yourself!

Training with Edwin is always great fun and you know you are in good hands. You will always look forward to gym because you want to hit a new PB, and because you know you will have maximise your time with a good workout! To all the Softballers out there, Edwin is the best gym trainer who understands Softball so well that his program will definitely improve your game on the field!



Watson Tan (Singapore Softball Team, SEA Games 2015 Bronze Medalist)Watson

I trained with Edwin for a year leading up to the Sea Games. A few of us from the Softball team approached him for some help to improve our physical condition and our game. His strong emphasis on form and posture really helped us to build strength and abstain from injuries. Interestingly, training under Edwin, we’ve learnt a lot about some of the myths to strength and conditioning in the gym.

What really stood out to me while training under Edwin was his dedication. He took the extra effort to find out more about the specific muscle groups and focussed on those to help us improve. It was heartwarming to have a coach who was so willing to go the extra mile to give his trainees the best conditioning guidance and preparation possible. Having Edwin around would definitely be beneficial to your training plan indeed!


Khor Hwee Eng

I got to know Edwin through my cousin, who credited him for getting her into good shape for her wedding day. I had given birth to my daughter a year ago and was still trying desperately to lose my postnatal weight. I wanted a female personal trainer and was initially quite reluctant to engage Edwin. But my cousin kept persuading me to try him so I did.

I am glad I did as Edwin is a professional and enthusiastic personal trainer, who is very focused in helping you achieve your fitness/weight goals. I trained with him for close to 6 months and my fitness level went up considerably. After two months of training, I went down by 1 dress size; my body was more toned and I had lots more energy than before. It was of course hard work but Edwin is excellent about getting the best out of his clients. He is always cheerful and encouraging and offers lots of advice on holistic health, such as eating the right way. I have since stopped training with Edwin but even now, I still follow his exercise regime, which I find very effective. I would highly recommend Edwin as a personal trainer to anyone.


Adrian Chng

I first got to know Edwin in 2011 through his work at SSC as a strength and conditioning coach. My initial impression: I found Edwin to be very knowledgeable, serious about his work and very encouraging of his clients. He pushed me through the workouts planned for the national athletes even though I was just a volunteer with the NSA.

Adrian before (white top)

Adrian before (white top)

Fast forward to August 2013. As I was approaching the big 40, I decided to focus more on my health and get myself in better shape, especially with the history of hypertension and heart disease in my family. At this point in time, I weighed 95kg (height 1.78m), with 28% body fat, 29.98 BMI. Totally out of shape and heading for a health meltdown. I worked out and embarked on a limited-calorie and low-carb diet and by the end of the month, I lost 1kg. Pretty disappointing for me and that’s when I decided to get in touch with Edwin.

I started work with him in September 2013. Over the years I have accumulated a laundry list of injuries (fractured left ankle, bum left knee, golfer’s elbow Left side, prolapsed disc). Edwin designed a program for me that worked around all these limitations and focused a lot on overall wellness, fixing muscle imbalances and weaknesses, and physical conditioning. He pushed me hard and was extremely encouraging especially in the early stages when my poor physical condition meant that I could only take baby steps from session to session.

So what has changed since September 2013? I just turned 39 last week and I’m probably in the best shape of my life (outside of that 19 year old NS period). My weight is down to 81kg, 15.8% body fat, 25.88 BMI. My next goals would be 78kg body weight and 12% body fat. My waist measurement dropped from 36 to 33 inches.

Adrian (After)

Adrian (After)


My pants hang loose and my shirts are all baggy. I rediscovered my abs. The people around me have noticed the weight loss and say I look much better now. Some have asked for advice on how to lose weight. I guess all this is testament to the good Edwin has done for me. If you are reading this because you are looking for a personal trainer, treat this as a personal recommendation from me. You won’t regret it. Edwin will do more than what you expect of him, as long as you play your part.


Tan Chun Leng (Singapore National Drangon Boat Team, 2010 Asian Games) 266016_396566920402626_850648916_o

Edwin is my Strength and conditioning coach for the Singapore National Dragon Boat Team during the Asian Games 2010 preparation. His coaching and guidance greatly motivates and improves me and my team. With his understanding and impressive knowledge, the gym routine that he planned out targeted the muscles that are involved in our paddling which effectively improved our performance.  Me myself experienced muscle hypertrophy and huge strength gain. I look forward to every session, as there are many takeaways. Edwin is also a very friendly and approachable coach, he never fail to clear my doubts on training. Overall I have a very positive experience and impression of Coach Edwin.


Evangeline ErEvangeline Er

I have been training with Edwin for the past year. And i have enjoyed every bit of it.

His training programs pushes me to my limits every single time. As much as it is very tiring during training, but the ‘shiok’ feeling when we’re done helps me forget the tiring part of it. Edwin has a great sense of humour, we never fail to enjoy ourselves and laugh at every session.

And I always live by this motto, LOOKING GOOD IS FEELING GOOD! And i am glad that Edwin is part of it.

If you are looking forward to sweating it out, having a good laugh yet having a superb workout, Edwin is the perfect coach’



Varun Sivaram( Cricket, National Team, Captain ACS I ) Varun 

I play cricket for the Singapore team. When I started training with Edwin I was weighing 61Kg and was in need of someone to help me become stronger and more explosive to bowl faster. Edwin helped me a lot and with his training within two months i put on 7Kg and became a lot more explosive. I was bowling a lot faster and his training has helped me out a lot.


Basir Koh ( Singapore Tennis Association- Spex under 18 Singles & Doubles Champion)


Coach Edwin has been able to improve my overall strength working on core muscle groups specific for my sport (tennis). Given the demanding nature of sports, Coach Edwin has been able to help me overcome injuries through rehabilitation exercises and strengthening of weaker muscle groups. His training regime has greatly improved my speed, agility and strength on court, allowing me to reach the peak of my game during seasons. Coach Edwin is a knowledgeable and motivated strength and conditioning coach who strives to constantly improve himself through workshops to better the training regimes for his students.


Ivan Ng  (Captain Softball Team, SEA Games 2011 Bronze Medalist)IMG_2046

Edwin is a very dedicated sports trainer and one who is capable of pushing us beyond our limits. He always encourage us to do better than ‘what we think we can’, without compromising on proper posture and techniques during our execution.

As a friend, he also shares his past experiences and how each individual might be able to contribute to a team sport like ours!

Having Edwin in the gym sure makes gym less tiring, and more fruitful indeed!

Gary Tan (Former National Swimmer / Swimming Coach)

Having trained in US for 5 years, it was hard for me to find a trainer in Singapore who could understand my needs as a national athlete. However, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Edwin. He provided me with a holistic approach to strength and conditioning which was what I was looking for. His constant motivation coupled with a great program really assisted my training and helped me excel in my competitions.

Brenda Tung029

Edwin is very knowledgeable in the area of fitness and is able to tweak the training protocol to suit my needs. He always pushes me towards new fitness limits and is dedicated towards my success. In retrospect, it is a real privilege to be able to train under him for the last 3 years.


Wayne Christy (age 50)

I started with Edwin Chew 22 months ago, middle aged with no muscle definition or fitness and a 37 inch waistline and 78kgs in weight and no idea how to train in a gym

Today I am 74 kgs, slim downed to 33 inch waist and as fit as I have ever been and good muscle definition. All this thanks to Edwin’s patient and customised exercise regime tailored towards my goals.

Anyone can go to gym but if you want results you need a professional to coach you in how to train properly and get the best out of your efforts. In this regard Edwin has proven a true professional adjusting technique and method as each minor goal is achieved and developing the discipline needed to train towards my goals.

I have no hesitation in recommending Edwin Chew to train you towards your goals. You won’t regret it.


Samudra Ong ( Youth Olympic Games 2010, Hockey Team)

Edwin was our trainer for the YOG hockey squad for about 12 weeks, and we have all seen huge improvements and changes in our bodies. All of us feel stronger, faster and more powerful after his training sessions. Individually I have seen myself get stronger and also lost fat. I am now in the best shape I have ever been in my life thanks to him.

Fadhil Rizaini ( Youth Olympic Games 2010, Hockey Team)

Edwin was our strength & conditioning coach in preparation for the YOG.  I have seen improvements in my performance in terms of speed and strength. I feel that the runs and exercises that he gave us were very helpful in our sport. Edwin was not only our trainer but he was also our friend. I am sure some of us always looked forward to the tuesday and thursday of each week. We could talk to him about anything and everything. I am sure all of us are thankful for his help in making us stronger, fitter and better athletes

Silas Abdul Razak ( Youth Olympic Games 2010, Hockey Team)

Edwin was our strength & conditioning coach for the YOG hockey squad in 2010. Personally I feel I am stronger, faster, and agility wise a lot better then I was when we started out for YOG. He really prepared us physically with his training method to compete with all the top nations of hockey in the YOG, without his training methods and help I think we would struggle physically. I want to Thanks Edwin for his training and time with us. We appreciate it. I hope he will still be able to work with us when we get back to training


Lim Shue ChurnShue churn

The training experiences with Edwin for 2 years have been rewarding. The training programmes improves my strength and help me put on muscle!


Susana Ling

I would strongly recommend Edwin as he has the client’s best interests at heart. He is knowledgeable, has a sense of humour, possess integrity and the motivation to bring the best out of you. Highly recommended! You need to work with him in order to get the best results!!!


Rabiatul (Pencak Silat, Sea Games 2009 Gold Medalist)pic30

I have been in the artistic side of Pencak Silat playing in the national team for two years now. Training has been tough as we progress, but with that I am able to realize my potential and limits and how far I can push myself to satisfaction. Though sometimes minor glitches like injuries comes along, they just made me even tougher to pull through, increasing my pain threshold so I would not give up easily. The programmes that were given helps me to build up my mental strength and also improve my skills to make them powerful and sharp, ready for any competitions.The Strength and Conditioning Programs improve my Power and Strength. My Artistic moves improve and I am mentally and physically stronger, ready for any competitions.


Saiedah (Pencak Silat)


Ivan 3



With the help of my Strength and Conditioning Coach, I improve my fitness, got stronger and strive in my sport Pencak Silat