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Work Life Balance November 2, 2013 in Food & Diet Must Read Something Fun Training by Edwin Chew

The last time I updated my site was 5 months ago.

I have been busy, very busy.

My baby son Nate is taking up most of my free time. One week after he was born, my body was in total shock.

Due to minimum sleep and the newly appointed role, I was feeling tired and restless every day. My training felt flat. I took more days to recover. I felt that I have aged 5 years.

Not only I need to look after him, I also need to keep up with my busy work schedule and housework. (Never underestimate housework, they are tiring)

Yes I do housework. I love a clean and tidy home. There is no point having the house nicely done up but leaving it messy and dirty.





To sum it up, I am trying to be a Super Daddy.

Someone make sure my wife is reading this!!!





So what happened?

Besides the usual every day life that I have been leading for the past years, I need to include a new important duty and that is being a DAD.

I am not complaining, having him is one of the best thing that have happened to me, my wife and our family. He is a bundle of joy and we love him.

 photo 2


The only difference is I cannot lead my life like before.

After 2 months I realised I need to make changes, if this goes on, my body will break down. And I am talking about big changes.

Changes to my daily life.

Changes that involves lots of sacrifices.

Changes that can last for the rest of my life.

Changes that can help me feel better everyday.

Changes for a healthier and stronger me.


These are the changes that I have made –


1)      Sleep for better recovery.

For me, recovery is the number one priority.

Everyone knows that sleep is important but whenever you have the free time, you will choose to do other entertainment rather than sleeping. For me, I will choose to watch TV programmes. I love movies, sports and lifestyle channels. In the past, after a long day of work, I will lie on my sofa and unwind with my favourite TV programmes.

Nowadays I don’t and I can’t do that anymore. I make it a point whenever my boy and wife sleep, I will sleep too.

You must be thinking this is bad, no entertainment at all?

Trust me, entertainment can wait, that awesome fresh feeling the next morning is totally worth it.


PS : And I gave Grand Theft Auto 5 and FIFA 13 a miss. I am not kidding.


2)      When I train, I make every damn rep count.

Due to time constant, I don’t have as much time to train as before. Whenever I step into the gym, I take every rep, set and rest time seriously. In other words, I appreciated the time spent on training.

No more talking with mates or using the phone like before.

No more time wasting.

It is all about serious training and go.

With this mind set, focus and commitment, my training improved. I guess it takes something hard to hit you in order to bring the best out of you.


3)      I Stretch, Stretch & Stretch

Whenever I have free time, I stretch.

When my clients stretch, I stretch.

When I am waiting for something, I stretch. (Yes in the queue too. If someone stares, stretch even more!)

Stretching helps me for better recovery. It is so important but it is always neglected. Start adding stretching as part of your training routine.

Read my last post to find out more –


4)      Paying attention to the effect of food.

I love spicy food.

Imagine spicy chicken, beef and vegetable. They taste wonderful but sadly I have to cut down on them. Not only it makes my stomach burns and bloated, it also cause me to have a sore throat.

I have also choose to take cheese and other dairy products out of my diet. I just don’t handle lactose as well as before.

As you can see, not only you need to eat the right food, you also have to feel good after eating it.


5)      Supplements

I have never been a fan of supplements.

I believe in eating real food. However most of us are just too busy, you will never be able to consume the required serving of healthy food.

For the past month, I started adding in more multi- vitamins, minerals and antioxidants supplements into my diet plan.

My energy level increase and recovery improves.

Still the same old wise words, eat real food for nutrients, however if you feel that you are not consuming enough you need to consider supplementation on top of your daily diet.



Hey wait a minute; I am here to read about work- life balances. Where is it?

Sadly in our beautiful sunny Singapore, you will have a hard time finding Work  Life balance.



Over the past months I realised that – Only when you are healthy (which is priceless) then you can work hard and enjoy the balance (time with your love ones)

Everyone is leading a hectic lifestyle. I hope this post will encourage you to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and I promise the next post will not be 5 months later.