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Getaway Trip April 10, 2013 in Something Fun by Edwin Chew

The Sun, Beach and Sea.

A low cost Air Ticket, an accommodation of a Villa with your own kitchen and Swimming Pool.

Bali is a perfect getaway location.

With a strong exchange currency rate; accommodation, shopping and dining was a luxury. Beer in restaurant cost less than Coke. A five course dinner with Sirloin Steak as the main course cost less than 20 Singapore Dollars. Not forgetting that Bali is the only location in Asia with surfing waves. That itself makes Bali a notch above the other resort holiday location in Asia.



Standing with a cool stance on a surf board with waves pushing you from behind is an unexplainable great feeling. Maybe it is the adrenaline rush or the satisfaction of conquering the big fuming waves. I totally enjoyed it. But it does come with a price – It is physical demanding.

Carrying a 10kg long board into the sea and attempt to run over the waves required strength and technique. Followed by a combination of getting up onto the board, paddling with your arms, the crucial timing of standing up and unpleasant falls into the sea; a few sets are good enough to drain you out. An awesome combination of working out and having fun!



Real man shop. I hope I am right. Board shorts, Singlet and dresses selling at few Singapore dollars a piece was a catch. Walking along narrow streets with continues cars and bike honk was surprisingly not irritating at all. Although the sight of a poor mom breastfeeding her kid on the streets was heartbreaking.


This getaway trip was much needed. I took a week off training and it felt great to be back to the gym.

For your information, a villa with your own swimming pool cost around $300.000 Singapore dollars. A four room flat cost more than that in Singapore.



If you are feeling rich and are looking forward to a chill – lax life, do consider investing in one. If that happens, do give me a call.

A getaway is never enough. For now, back to reality, but I don’t hate it.