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Why Olympic Weightlifting January 8, 2014 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Because there is no Chest Day

For one solid hour – Bench Press, Incline Bench, Decline Bench, Dumbell pullover, Chest fly, Cable fly and whatever they can do with their chest.

Poor chest, they are going to explode soon!

Unless your training goal is to become a bodybuilder, you really don’t have to follow that training programme you saw online or in any fitness magazines.


Why I discourage body part split and their disadvantages.

  • Let’s say you can fit in a 6 days a week training programme. Your nervous system will never recover on time. Training days at the later part of the week will be of low quality. You will be overtrain and injuries will occur.
  • When you are tired, you skip training days and you miss out on your least favourite body part. Which in long term, result in muscle imbalances.
  • You need to get to the gym 6 days a week. For a working adult in Singapore, this is almost impossible.


I always joke about this – if you drop a note on chest day, don’t SQUAT to pick it up because it is CHEST DAY!!!


If you want to improve your sports performance, strength, health or even a better physique, you do not need a body part split programme. I myself have not done any body part splits in years.

So why choose Olympic Lifts?


These are the reasons -

  • Improve Power, Speed and Strength
  • It  is a full body workout
  • Have a stronger Posterior Chain
  • Improves your lifting technique
  • Improves your coordination and movement.


When you are playing sports, you do not move only one muscle group at a time.

An Olympic lift allows you to move every part of your body when you are lifting. Your glutes, back and traps have to work so much during the lifts. As a result, you develop a strong posterior chain. No one will complains when they have a strong back.

Olympic Lifts are never easy and they look “dangerous”.

However I always encourage anyone who lifts to learn weightlifting. The breakdowns of the steps of the lifts are actually very safe and beneficial. Always start off with light weight (broom stick) to master good lifting technique. And you can increase the weights as you get better.


images[2]If you are interested in Olympic Weightlifting, you can drop by Singapore Weightlifting Federation. Coach Wu, who is not only a great athlete, he is also a top Coach with lots of knowledge and passion for weightlifting.

I attended a course conducted by him some time back, unlike any other lecturers; he didn’t spend a minute talking about how good or strong he was, throughout the full day, he was only concern about passing the right knowledge and coaching skill to everyone.


Do give weightlifting a shot because benching is way to boring!