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Success Story – Adrian Chng March 4, 2014 in Meet the clients & athletes Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Hi Everyone this is Adrian (white top) in August 2013.


This is the testimonial he wrote for me.

I first got to know Edwin in 2011 through his work at SSC as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. My initial impression: I found Edwin to be very knowledgeable, serious about his work and very encouraging of his clients. He pushed me through the workouts planned for the national athletes even though I was just a volunteer with the NSA.

Fast forward to August 2013. As I was approaching the big 40, I decided to focus more on my health and get myself in better shape, especially with the history of hypertension and heart disease in my family. At this point in time, I weighed 95kg (height 1.78m), with 28% body fat, 29.98 BMI. Totally out of shape and heading for a health meltdown. I worked out and embarked on a limited-calorie and low-carb diet and by the end of the month, I lost 1kg. Pretty disappointing for me and that’s when I decided to get in touch with Edwin.

I started work with him in September 2013. Over the years I have accumulated a laundry list of injuries (fractured left ankle, bum left knee, golfer’s elbow Left side, prolapsed disc). Edwin designed a program for me that worked around all these limitations and focused a lot on overall wellness, fixing muscle imbalances and weaknesses, and physical conditioning. He pushed me hard and was extremely encouraging especially in the early stages when my poor physical condition meant that I could only take baby steps from session to session.

So what has changed since September 2013? I just turned 39 last week and I’m probably in the best shape of my life (outside of that 19 year old NS period). My weight is down to 81kg, 15.8% body fat, 25.88 BMI. My next goals would be 78kg body weight and 12% body fat. My waist measurement dropped from 36 to 33 inches.

My pants hang loose and my shirts are all baggy. I rediscovered my abs. The people around me have noticed the weight loss and say I look much better now. Some have asked for advice on how to lose weight. I guess all this is testament to the good Edwin has done for me. If you are reading this because you are looking for a personal trainer, treat this as a personal recommendation from me. You won’t regret it. Edwin will do more than what you expect of him, as long as you play your part.

And this is Adrian (After).

I am proud to have Adrian as my client. He lost close to 14kg and 12 % bodyfat in 5 months. So what are the rules that we practised that lead to this success?

Let’s take a look –

1. Read the last sentence of the testimonial – “as long as you play your part”

Yes, as a client you need to do your part.

These are some of the “homework” that Adrian needs to do.

  • Stretch as often as he can to solves muscle tightness. This will correct postures and improve movements. It also speed up recovery to ensure he is ready for our training days.
  • Watches his diet. Consume low carbohydrates and focus on vegetables and quality proteins.
  • Perform cardio and metabolic conditioning on other training days.

Our training of twice a week is the core of the training programme but his hard work on other days is the KEY TO SUCCESS.

2. His training programmes are written and designed just for him. Not from a training template picked from the internet.

I cannot stress the importance of having a personalise training programme. Remember- Training templates are not suitable for everyone.

During the few months that we train, we did not change the training programme more than twice. The exercises we did remain the same BECAUSE IT WORKS FOR HIM, we only changed the Reps, Sets or rest time.

(Adrian can now do 20 pull up at one go!)

The bottom line is – You do not need to constantly change the exercises you are doing. Focus on form, technique and intensity of training.

3. Both of us CARE about his training.

It takes two hands to clap. On his own training days, he messaged me to update on his progress. I can feel his determination and he really cares about his training.

I know that all my effort on him is worth it.

I just can’t wait to help him succeed.

I have met clients who do not care.  When I ask about their training and diet, they laugh it off and gave me excuses. They asked me not to worried and and just do my job to push them hard in their training.

All I can say is I have done my part and usually they do not achieve good results.

4. MOTIVATION  and a New Lifestyle.

The first day we started training, he told me his sons saw a photo of his younger days and commented that he had put on weight.

He knows that it is time to train hard.

5 months later, Adrian, a busy working adult and a father of 2 kids lost 14kg and is at the BEST SHAPE of his life.

Not only he has achieved his goals, he had also adopted a New Lifestyle.

Witnessing transformation is one of the best thing of my job. I hope this post can motivate YOU to train hard and get into the best shape of your life!

A New Lifestyle A New You!