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Stop eating like before April 8, 2013 in Food & Diet Must Read by Edwin Chew


Remember those days when you were involved in training (sports or gym) for hours a day. You never complain that you feel tired and you can go on for almost 7 days a week!

Remember those days when you can eat like a hungry cave man and you never put on weight!

I am sure you have beautiful memories of the good old days.

What happen after 5 years?

Due to work and family commitment, you reduce your training frequency to once a week or even once every fortnight.

When you meet up with pals, not only you eat like a cave man, you drink like a mad man too.


And that result to?

You take a good look at the recent photos, damn you are fat. Your clothes are getting tighter and you choose to think that it is the washing machine that shrank the clothes.

Truth is – YOU PUT ON WEIGHT!!

So what can you do?

Stop thinking of exercising just like before, 7 days a week, long hours a days. It is not going to happen; you need to spend time with your family. You need to teach your kids, you need to do housework; there is so much to do but so little time.


The best solution?

Stop eating like before.

  • Stop  eating like a young teenager.
  • Cut down the evil carbohydrates
  • Love your protein and greens
  • Be discipline, think before you eat
  • Cut down on the sugar drinks, drink lots of water
  • Life  is short; you can still enjoy and behave like a madman only when you deserve it. Allow yourself a CHEAT MEAL once every 7-10 days.

Give it a shot!

Lean = Healthy + Happy!