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International Association Of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Level 1 Youth Coach Couse April 11, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Activities for the past 10 days –






Attend class


Minimum Sleep

Neglected my wife, family and friends

Dead beat

 iaaf-coach-graduates[1] (2)

While others are starting to enjoy the festive season, 24 brave souls (PE teachers, Track & Field coaches, National Athletes, S & C coaches) attended a 10 straight days organised by Singapore Athletic Association course. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little too much, it is not that bad.

My mate Julian told me about this course and I thought why not. Track and Field has always been my interest and it has a close application with Strength & Conditioning.

For the first 5 days of the course, we learned about Kids Athletic, something that I have no idea or experience with. The whole idea is to introduce Athletic to the youth (7-12years), I couldn’t agree more. Kids nowadays spend most of their time with Steve Job’s creation and computer games. Where are all the old school games that we had so much fun before?

KA 3

Besides their yearly Sports days, children do not have much bond with athletic events. With this programme, children can have the opportunity to practise the basic of Run/ Jump/ Throw. Yup, they will practice events like javelin, medicine ball throw, sprints, hurdle and jumps. Of course, all in the mini and safer form! To me, this is awesome. Not only the children will become physical fitter, we will have more kids training for athletic events and hopefully produce more champions in the future.


We held a session at Sengkang Primary on day 5 of the course; it was an eye opener for me. Those kids had some much fun. Not forgetting there were a few promising champions out there.


The next half of the course is the introduction to the main athletics’ event. Daily hours are packed with practical lessons in the morning follow by theory lessons and practical lessons again in the afternoon. Not kidding! It is packed.


The Events we learned.





Race walking (don’t laugh)

Long jump, Triple jump

High Jump

Pole vault

Discus, hammer throw, Shot Put


The objective of the 2nd half of the course is to introduce the rules, equipments, correct techniques to execute the events and most important of all, to teach.

The learning process is interesting; I can’t remember when is the last time I actually throw a javelin or discus. Thankfully the theory and practical exams went smoothly.

I don’t believe in becoming good coaches overnight. These 10 days is just the beginning. With the knowledge I gain, more hard work have to be put in.

I have been sprinting and jumping for the past years as part of my training program. Looks like more events will be practise in the coming year.

I am very please to include a new skill to my credentials and I certainly will consider working as a part time Track & field Coach when the opportunity arrive. As for now, I am not complaining and I love my job.

This course was fulfilling, knowledge was gain, and new friendship was made.

The is the first batch of coaches to undergo the IAAF Level 1 Youth Coaches course under the new IAAF Coaches Education and Certification System. For those that are interested, a new opening is coming up soon. Make sure you don’t miss it. Cheers.