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Hill Sprint April 12, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Hill sprints are exceptionally beneficial to athletes and those looking for a body transformation. Perform once a week, combine with Resistance Training and a well plan diet to get a kickass body.


The following are some benefits of hill sprint.

1. Burn more calories than flat surface cardio.

Hill sprint is one of the best forms of interval training. Start off by Sprinting up a hill at full speed and walk down as rest time in between sets. The rest time in between sets should be 2-3minutes. Continuous sets (4 -6) of hill sprint will not only burn a huge amount of fat, it also raises your metabolism for days.


2. No equipment is required.

You only need your sprinting shoe and a hill that is around 30 to 50 meters long.


3. Improve your sprinting technique.

Because of the inclined surface, you were forced to lean forward as you sprint. This is the proper acceleration mechanics that you would want to achieve when sprinting on a flat surface. It also develops co-ordination and the proper use of arm action when sprinting.


4. Functional

Hill sprint improves your speed on flat surface, making you a much faster player when playing sports.


5.  Strength gain.

The increased work load of running up hill gives great gains in strength, especially in the hips, and hamstring.


6. No turning back

Hill sprints improve your mental toughness. Half way through the sets, you feel like giving up. What will you do? Gave up and walk down?  You might slow down but deep inside your head you want to finish the set and conquered the hill. Hill sprint will make you a tougher person. Remember don’t even look back!


7. It is damn cool!

Hill sprint or 3 km jog? You decide.


Sadly we don’t have a lot of hills for sprinting in Singapore. This is a video of me attempting a modified hill sprint at National Stadium.


This video was taken quite some time ago. The new National Stadium is currently under construction.

But no worries, try parks, or any running route. Trust me, it will be a GOOD workout!