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Haseef Salim ( National Hockey Team) April 15, 2013 in Meet the clients & athletes by Edwin Chew


18 years old Haseef Salim is a player of the National Hockey Team. He has represented Singapore for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and  Under 18 Asia Cup. I had the pleasure to work with him and the team while preparing for the Youth Olympic Games in 2010. At the start of 2011, he decided to relocate to Perth, Australia and played for Fremantle Hockey Club which is one of the top side in Australia while attending TaylorCollege. Haseef is currently serving his National Service.



This is an interview with Haseef to find out about him and his overseas training experience.

1) You stop studying in a local Poly and decided to relocate to Perth. What are the reasons behind this decision?

I was studying at Temasek Polytechnic and doing the course I opt for when the opportunity arose. The main reason I stopped because the criteria from Mindef with regards to National Service states that we have to serve the nation once we reach the age of 18. My chances of going overseas for this would be very slim if I were to go after I turn 18 years old cause I’ve to complete two years of NS first and I figured my hockey skills would be rusty by then. So I decided to go in the beginning of this year.


2) Tell us about your overseas training experience so far. How different it is compare to training in Singapore and how much it has benefit you?

The system here is totally different compared to when I was in Singapore. In terms of the trainings, it is structured in a way such that there is a period just for fitness and conditioning, then after that it’s just full-on stick work training and some running to maintain the fitness. As for my team, we did pre-season running for a whole month before getting to the pitch for stick and ball. Since there’s a large number of teams and very limited pitch bookings, each team is allocated to an hour of training on the field, which means that everything has to be organized. Not wasting time and being disciplined during that one hour then spending another 45mins doing runs.

It has benefitted me a lot in terms of the speed and the physicallity of the game. With the speed here, you just have make quick decisions once you get hold of the ball. It really helps with the decision-making. I understood how physical the game was until I came here. The players here shove or nudge their way to get control of the ball so you can imagine how it’s like when it comes to a loose ball.



3) I understand some of your team-mates in Australia are top international players. How does it feel to train and play with them everyday?

I could still remember how it was like meeting them for the first time. It’s definitely a great opportunity to play alongside top class players and getting the chance to learn from them. It feels amazing cause I usually see them play on TV and now I get to play in the same team as them. Seeing them execute their skills is just phenominal. It really bugs me when I see them make the “difficult look easy” when we tend to do it the other way round. That’s what I feel.


4) With your current overseas experience, do you think Singapore athletes should train overseas?

I personally believe that we have to be out of our comfort zone if we want to achieve greater heights. It is definitely a great opportunity to be given the chance to train overseas and learn many new things that we don’t usually get when we’re in Singapore.


5) Lastly every athlete had their goals and dream. What about yours?

My goal is to play hockey for the senior team, achieve at the highest level possible and open doors for other athletes so that they can get to experience what I am going through now.

In order to gain improvement, many athletes made huge sacrifices for a chance to train overseas. Some make changes to their studies and career plans while others fork out their own pocket money. Haseef is one of them, all for the possibility of achieving their dreams.