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Adam 1Arm Runner April 16, 2013 in Meet the clients & athletes by Edwin Chew


With the mishap that happened to Adam, a majority of us will be dejected.

But when I first saw him; I am really impressed with his positive and full of energy attitude.

So here I am having a short interview with him.


1)      Hi Adam, tell us more about yourself.

I’m a disabled runner with an amputated right arm and a paralyzed left arm which was the result of a road accident that took place in 2003. Currently, I’m an athlete with Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) and my latest achievement was winning a silver medal in the 800m in the KL Asean Para Games last year whilst breaking the record that was set in 2005. When not training or competing on the track, I take part in local road-running or trail running races, but my aim in these events is not to compete but more to raising public-awareness about disability sports and to inspire others to take up running as a lifestyle.


2)      I understand you had a motor accident in 2003 which cause complete amputation on the right arm and paralysed on the left. How do you manage to stand up again and have such a positive attitude towards Life?


I started to take up running in August 2008 as it was suggested by my doctor to prepare me for the long operation hours in my upcoming operation as I need to improve my endurance and stamina. Furthermore, I also need to increase the strength and muscle mass on my legs as the operation will involve muscle being harvested from thighs and nerves being harvested from my diaphragm, and both the muscles and nerves will be transplanted to my left arm in the hope to regain some function and mobility on my left arm so that it will provide me with some form of independency such as being able to feed myself.

However, from the encouragement of my family and friends, I took up my first competition which was the Swissotel Vertical Marathon in November 2008 and have never looked back since.

Thus from the above, we can see that without an intervention from my doctor and without the support and encouragement of my family members and friends, I will not be where I am now. Not only that, I suppose the training that I had during my NS days as an officer cadet in OCS and as a Guards Officer also did played a major role in helping me by instilling in me that never-die-attitude and failure-is-not-an-option mindset.


3)      How does the strength and conditioning program with Coach Jeremy help you in your runs?

Coach Jeremy helped me in strengthening and conditioning my core muscles such as my abs, glutes, hamstring, quads, calves and etc through exercises that he plans in the gym. Not only that, he also helped me in having the proper posture and running technique


4)      What is your daily diet like?

At the moment, to be honest, I do not have a proper daily diet but SDSC is arranging for me to see the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) nutritionist. I hope with a proper diet, my performance will increase at least by 2-fold including my recovery.


5)      What is the next major competition you are competing in and what is your expectation for the race?

My next major game will be the Commonwealth Games which will be held in Delhi, India in early October. As this will be my first time competing in sprint events, 100m and 200m after converting from being a middle/long-distance runner, I hope to finish in the top sixth for both events.


37707_133913299974862_100000685783290_216366_5588563_n[1]To know more about – Adam

You can visit his website at

This interview with Adam was done more than 2 years ago.



For the past two years, he has qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon race but unfortunately, due to financial constraints, he have to forgo the event in both years as he was unable to raise enough money to cover the high cost for the flight, accommodation, meals and other expenses for 2 person – his caregiver and himself.

This year he qualified again but due to financial reason he decided to skip the marathon.

Looking at what happened at the Boston Marathon, it is a mixed feeling. On one hand everyone is thankful that he is safe on the other it is a pity that he did not have a chance to compete in the marathon.

Adam’s main purpose in setting-up this site is to use this platform to raise public-awareness about disability sports and its athletes’ plights, sacrifices and achievements, and hoping to garner more support, contribution and donation from individuals, groups as well as organizations. The supports received will definitely help the disabled athletes to pursue their sporting opportunity, glory and most important of all, their dreams and self-believes.

Hopefully everyone can do your part and help Adam accomplish his goals.