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Hill Sprint April 12, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Hill sprints are exceptionally beneficial to athletes and those looking for a body transformation. Perform once a week, combine with Resistance Training and a well plan diet to get a kickass body. The following are some benefits of hill sprint. 1. Burn more calories than flat surface cardio. Hill sprint is one of the best forms of interval training. Start off by Sprinting up a hill at full speed and walk down as rest time in between sets. The rest time in between sets should be 2-3minutes. Continuous sets (4 -6) of hill sprint will not only burn a huge…

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International Association Of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Level 1 Youth Coach Couse April 11, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Activities for the past 10 days –   Sprint Run Jump Throw Attend class Exam Minimum Sleep Neglected my wife, family and friends Dead beat   While others are starting to enjoy the festive season, 24 brave souls (PE teachers, Track & Field coaches, National Athletes, S & C coaches) attended a 10 straight days organised by Singapore Athletic Association course. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little too much, it is not that bad. My mate Julian told me about this course and I thought why not. Track and Field has always been my interest and it has a…

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The Ultimate Warrior Challenge April 11, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

   Martin Rooney (Strength and Conditioning Coach of Mixed Martial Art Fighters) came up with a Hardcore Conditioning Programme which consist of –   – As many push-ups as you can do in one minute. Rest 15 seconds. – As many supinated chin-ups as you can do in one minute. Rest 15 seconds. – As many modified sit-ups as you can do in one minute. Rest 15 seconds. – As many dips as you can do in one minute.   You need to add up the total repetitions for the whole workout.   Martin Rooney got a total of 152…

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Bodyweight Training (By Mr Julian Lim) April 11, 2013 in Guest Post Training by Edwin Chew

Introduction With the current hectic lifestyle of modern society, many individuals find it hard to prioritize exercise as part of an active everyday routine. Family, work, travel and expensive gym memberships are the few reasons that hinder our motivation to keep active. Thus, it is time we explore a return to basic calisthenics; bodyweight training. Such training allows an individual to work in a 3-dimensional or multiplanar environment to overcome the force of gravity. Common types of bodyweight training include push-ups, squats and sits-ups Advantages of bodyweight training Most bodyweight exercises are closed-chain exercises, which use multiple joints as the…

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Super Squat April 10, 2013 in Training by Edwin Chew

Hard gainer – This Article is for you You have been training for years but still not packing on muscle. You are frustrated and demoralised. You felt like giving up.   Try the Super Squat Program!! This workout programme is plain, old school but a kickass programme. The focus of this venerable program is one set of 20 reps squats. Yes, only 1 set. Combine with 2 or 3 other basic exercises.   Introduction to the one set of 20 reps squats. Load the bar with what you usually squat for 10 reps. Perform the exercise for 20 reps. For…

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