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A New Learning Journey – Gymnastic Strength Training May 26, 2015 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

It started with trying out the best way to teach my clients the scapular depression. The scapular depression is a very important movement before performing any upper body vertical pull exercise. There are many ways to demonstrate the exercise, we can do it with bands, cables or simply just perform a scapular depression movement. However I am a fan of using the gymnastic rings to demonstrate the movement. One of the advantages of the gymnastic rings is the adjustable height. Set the rings to the suitable height, hold on to the rings and perform the scapular depression. Your legs need to be…

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Success Story – Adrian Chng March 4, 2014 in Meet the clients & athletes Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Hi Everyone this is Adrian (white top) in August 2013.   This is the testimonial he wrote for me. I first got to know Edwin in 2011 through his work at SSC as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. My initial impression: I found Edwin to be very knowledgeable, serious about his work and very encouraging of his clients. He pushed me through the workouts planned for the national athletes even though I was just a volunteer with the NSA. Fast forward to August 2013. As I was approaching the big 40, I decided to focus more on my health and…

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Why Olympic Weightlifting January 8, 2014 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Because there is no Chest Day For one solid hour – Bench Press, Incline Bench, Decline Bench, Dumbell pullover, Chest fly, Cable fly and whatever they can do with their chest. Poor chest, they are going to explode soon! Unless your training goal is to become a bodybuilder, you really don’t have to follow that training programme you saw online or in any fitness magazines.   Why I discourage body part split and their disadvantages. Let’s say you can fit in a 6 days a week training programme. Your nervous system will never recover on time. Training days at the…

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Work Life Balance November 2, 2013 in Food & Diet Must Read Something Fun Training by Edwin Chew

The last time I updated my site was 5 months ago. I have been busy, very busy. My baby son Nate is taking up most of my free time. One week after he was born, my body was in total shock. Due to minimum sleep and the newly appointed role, I was feeling tired and restless every day. My training felt flat. I took more days to recover. I felt that I have aged 5 years. Not only I need to look after him, I also need to keep up with my busy work schedule and housework. (Never underestimate housework, they…

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No More Imbalances May 7, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Strength has been widely recognised as the most important quality for superior sports performance.   No doubt, the strongest and fastest stands a higher chance to win. Everyone wants to be strong.  If you are strong in the gym, everyone will look at you when you train. You feel great and you walk around with your head held high. It is not your fault. Your favourite sports athlete looks strong. All the action Heroes in movies has big muscle. In other words, Strong is cool and lifting heavy in the gym is the top priority for many athletes.  Let’s take…

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