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GET Free Games Generator And Cheat Tools September 25, 2017 in Something Fun by Edwin Chew

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Work Life Balance November 2, 2013 in Food & Diet Must Read Something Fun Training by Edwin Chew

The last time I updated my site was 5 months ago. I have been busy, very busy. My baby son Nate is taking up most of my free time. One week after he was born, my body was in total shock. Due to minimum sleep and the newly appointed role, I was feeling tired and restless every day. My training felt flat. I took more days to recover. I felt that I have aged 5 years. Not only I need to look after him, I also need to keep up with my busy work schedule and housework. (Never underestimate housework, they…

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Getaway Trip April 10, 2013 in Something Fun by Edwin Chew

The Sun, Beach and Sea. A low cost Air Ticket, an accommodation of a Villa with your own kitchen and Swimming Pool. Bali is a perfect getaway location. With a strong exchange currency rate; accommodation, shopping and dining was a luxury. Beer in restaurant cost less than Coke. A five course dinner with Sirloin Steak as the main course cost less than 20 Singapore Dollars. Not forgetting that Bali is the only location in Asia with surfing waves. That itself makes Bali a notch above the other resort holiday location in Asia.   Surfing Standing with a cool stance on…

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