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No More Imbalances May 7, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Strength has been widely recognised as the most important quality for superior sports performance.   No doubt, the strongest and fastest stands a higher chance to win. Everyone wants to be strong.  If you are strong in the gym, everyone will look at you when you train. You feel great and you walk around with your head held high. It is not your fault. Your favourite sports athlete looks strong. All the action Heroes in movies has big muscle. In other words, Strong is cool and lifting heavy in the gym is the top priority for many athletes.  Let’s take…

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Adam 1Arm Runner April 16, 2013 in Meet the clients & athletes by Edwin Chew

With the mishap that happened to Adam, a majority of us will be dejected. But when I first saw him; I am really impressed with his positive and full of energy attitude. So here I am having a short interview with him.   1)      Hi Adam, tell us more about yourself. I’m a disabled runner with an amputated right arm and a paralyzed left arm which was the result of a road accident that took place in 2003. Currently, I’m an athlete with Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) and my latest achievement was winning a silver medal in the 800m…

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Haseef Salim ( National Hockey Team) April 15, 2013 in Meet the clients & athletes by Edwin Chew

Introduction 18 years old Haseef Salim is a player of the National Hockey Team. He has represented Singapore for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and  Under 18 Asia Cup. I had the pleasure to work with him and the team while preparing for the Youth Olympic Games in 2010. At the start of 2011, he decided to relocate to Perth, Australia and played for Fremantle Hockey Club which is one of the top side in Australia while attending TaylorCollege. Haseef is currently serving his National Service.     This is an interview with Haseef to find out about him and his…

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Hill Sprint April 12, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Hill sprints are exceptionally beneficial to athletes and those looking for a body transformation. Perform once a week, combine with Resistance Training and a well plan diet to get a kickass body. The following are some benefits of hill sprint. 1. Burn more calories than flat surface cardio. Hill sprint is one of the best forms of interval training. Start off by Sprinting up a hill at full speed and walk down as rest time in between sets. The rest time in between sets should be 2-3minutes. Continuous sets (4 -6) of hill sprint will not only burn a huge…

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International Association Of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Level 1 Youth Coach Couse April 11, 2013 in Must Read Training by Edwin Chew

Activities for the past 10 days –   Sprint Run Jump Throw Attend class Exam Minimum Sleep Neglected my wife, family and friends Dead beat   While others are starting to enjoy the festive season, 24 brave souls (PE teachers, Track & Field coaches, National Athletes, S & C coaches) attended a 10 straight days organised by Singapore Athletic Association course. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little too much, it is not that bad. My mate Julian told me about this course and I thought why not. Track and Field has always been my interest and it has a…

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